30 Days Hath September….

And suddenly September 30th is upon us, which means October’s arrival is imminent.  Wow, how profound.

Hey people, my brain is finally starting to function today, following 2 nights of revelry and camaraderie in celebration of the 40th reunion of  the R J Reynolds High School Class of 1972.

And while yours truly is not one to over-imbibe, I do experience sleep disruption and strange dreams comprised of a weird mix of totally unrelated people, places and events that leave me a little disoriented for awhile.  Dazed and confused….somebody should write a song…..Someday maybe I’ll compose a post using nothing but song lyrics.

Getting back to the business of blabbering and blogging about Trade Street, it seems to be a good time to set up an events page….as soon as I complete the next edition of the DADA e-newsletter which hits the cyber-air-waves on the Tuesday prior to the next Gallery Hop.

With that, hasta la vista…..I’LL BE BACK. 

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