Arrf! My Art is a Business – Can I do that? A Legal Grab Bag of Topics relating to Artists’ Rights and Wrongs

AFASlogo Taking a cue from AFAS’ Red Dog mascot, “Arrf! My Art is a Business,” the series of 5 programs covering most of the important business topics of interest to artists from musicians to painters and playwrights to sculptors will be held during the evening, from 7 until 8.30, at the Unleashed Arts Center, 204 West 6th Street, near the corner of 6th and Trade Streets. All of the sessions are free, open to the public, and will feature discussions by experts as well as an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

The schedule is as follows:
April 23 – Copyright Basics for all of the Arts – with intellectual property attorney Harris Henderson

May 14 – Beyond the Copyright Basics- with intellectual property attorney Bill Bryner

June 11 – New and Old Media – Marketing Your Art – with artists and marketing experts Kyle Webster and Keith Hobgood

September 17 – Ugh! Things like Taxes Give Me a Headache – with business law attorney Matt Chambers

October 8 – Can I do that? A Legal Grab Bag of Topics relating to Artist’ Rights and Wrongs – intellectual property attorney Rod Enns

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