Fwd: March At Delurk

Hieronymus – iamhieronymus.com Brian Kubecki (aka QUB) Travis Phillips Delurk Gallerywill havean Opening Reception Friday, March 1, from 7pm-10pm. This March Delurk will be featuring new work by three visiting artists. See a one of a kind installation, by Hieronymus, of paintings on canvas and on the wall, inspired by cabinet cards. Brian Kubecki’s, I Need You, is a show completely dependent on something for its success – you. Experience a jaw-shattering reexamination of visual art and be a part of something you won’t soon forget. Isolation; Something To Die For, new work by Travis Phillips, deals with human intentionality and interplay Continue reading

Gallery Hop on Friday March 1st

Here is the link to the March edition of the DADA E-Newsletter: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=k8dkgvbab&v=001p_xH-twv5vXECJVZFCDUvuU-u0TgtCmSXPHO8QjYNtfD4Zyi5-mi9eYqld6ZfXOWDa3aDpsxn-7hxtfWJ00kuYHmQ8aCJTIk6HFKX4B7ImXhtPb44WUk-8HQbOqYJoruNk9XTIq-_G2WxbUV4sJX5A%3D%3D

Unleashed Art

Deborah Willard Stop by Unleashed Art Center on 6th Street this Friday evening (7-10) to see our newest addition to the AFAS Public Art Initiative, Sharon Allen‘s latest works and Community heART Project. Deborah Willard