SNOW in April….????

  See those crazy white streaks? They’re SNOWFLAKES. No flimsy flurries, either. It was SERIOUS snow. HUGE flakes, for I-don’t-know-how-long-this-afternoon. At least an hour. Tried to get some work done, but it was just too weird.A few days ago, we were welcoming the Easter Bunny.  Today we got the Snowshoe Rabbit.Okay, enough already.  Could we puh-leeeeeaze get the Energizer Bunny to jump-start SPRING again?  

Monday’s Walk-Around

Open on Mondays: Retro Art Ware (R.A.W.), 608 N. Trade Street. Beautiful tie-dyed art to wear by shop owners Sara Knott and Susan Moore. Visit their Facebook page! Walking up the street a little ways, there’s Earthbound Arts at 610 N. Trade. Just like the name of the store says: earth and nature-inspired art and craft, much of it created by the owners Lucy Duncan and Gordon Jones. Many photos of their work can be found on their Facebook page. Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub and Kitchen is open every day serving lunch, dinner, and late-night fare; also brunch on the Continue reading

Spring Decor at Willy Nilly

Spring Decor, a photo by DebDubya on Flickr. Sprig of real live rosemary in bloom, courtesy of Earthbound Arts, 610 N Trade St. Heineken beer bottle vase, courtesy of Jimmy.  Interesting columnar-shaped vase from thrift shop (probably the Rescue Mission Thrift Shop). Pinwheel and the cool stem of paper flowers, thanks to absent-minded visitors to my shop Willy Nilly, 604A N Trade St.

Golden Oldies

I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Well, maybe not always.  Three years of piano lessons during one’s formative years do not a musician make. And performing on stage in front of people at recitals caused such a state of stage fright that your hands turned ice-cold and your worst nightmare came true on stage when you forgot the notes and could do nothing else except bang a few random notes on the piano until it finally occurred to you that you could stop and go on to the 2nd piece whose notes you could remember. Then there was Continue reading