Greetings!  Trade Street and the Arts District have been undergoing so many changes in the last 2 years or such that the Directory Page can barely keep up. If you have been left out, please contact Trade Street Tracker!   Use the contact form or send an email to

Trackstar has been busy dealing with their own changing circumstances, and thus has been slow to react and update this website.
This has been a volunteer effort on Trackstar’s part. It’s a labor of love whose primary purpose is to inform, not to make money.  Some funding and/or pro bono technical assistance would be most beneficial to continuing this effort.

IMPORTANT: NOTE:  Must be familiar with downtown Winston-Salem, Trade Street and the Arts District. 
We get all kinds of offers for assistance with website design and SEO services, most with good intentions, and most no doubt with some expectation of getting paid for their services.