Golden Oldies

I’ve always wanted to be in a band.

Well, maybe not always.  Three years of piano lessons during one’s formative years do not a musician make. And performing on stage in front of people at recitals caused such a state of stage fright that your hands turned ice-cold and your worst nightmare came true on stage when you forgot the notes and could do nothing else except bang a few random notes on the piano until it finally occurred to you that you could stop and go on to the 2nd piece whose notes you could remember.

Then there was the time in 6th grade when, during a rehearsal of a christmas program, the music director liked the way I sang “and St. Nicholas too” and thought it would be cute if I sang that part all by myself, the stage fright demons got me again, causing the words to stick to the roof of my mouth….

 Needless to say, music was never even a remote consideration as a career choice. Admittedly, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but

The Annual Xmas Jam by a bunch of old guys who have been playing music all their lives; plus one token not-so-old-guy, because he’s just so damned good on the guitar that the older, wiser fellows know it’s better to include him because he makes them all sound great!! These guys don’t even bother to rehearse….it’s all just 2nd nature to them.

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