"Not Far From The Tree" at Delurk Gallery

The current show at Delurk Gallery features artwork by Don Beroth, Jill Bush, Patsy Harris, Tim Walters, Ed Simpson, Anne Safrit, and Sarah Whittington.  Delurk artists’ moms and dads have contributed nearly 80 works as diverse as their offspring, from fine furniture to intuitive landscapes, from abstraction to realism.  The show runs through January 26th.
Delurk Gallery is located at 207 West 6th Street, in the building that stands at the corner of 6th and Trade Streets. 
Delurk Gallery has recently published its 2013 Exhibit Calendar on its website.
Don Beroth, parent of Delurk artist Chad Beroth
Chad Beroth, Delurk Artist

Tim Walters, parent of Delurk artist Dane Walter

Dane Walters, Delurk Artist
Patsy Harris, parent of The Patrick Harris of Delurk Gallery

The Patrick Harris, Delurk Artist

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