Suddenly It’s September !!

Yesterday it was August. Today it’s September. The calendar is a man-made concoction. So is language. Not to worry….it’s not my style to spend too much time waxing philosophical. But think about it: say the word “August,” and look into your mind’s eye at the images and sensations conjured up. Summertime, hot, dog days, beach, vacation….One day later, you flip the calendar page to September, and instantly, your summertime fun morphs into back-to-work, back-to-school, put away the suitcases and pull out the briefcases and book bags. Do they still call them book bags? Or have they traded them in for Continue reading

Saturday July 21st….

…..featured a superb party band called Envision.  They brought in one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen at any of the Summer on Trade music events. Their energetic Motown and funky style had the crowd dancing from the first musical blasts of “Higher Love.”  Their rousing medley of K.C. and the Sunshine Band hit songs had EVERYBODY movin’ and groovin’ !! I’d forgotten how much I loved that stuff back in the day….and still do.  May have to dig out some of the disco compilation CDs that I have stashed away somewhere in the back of the shop. Or Continue reading

STELLAR NIGHT on Trade Streeet

Michael Bennett and the “B” String All Stars gave a stellar performance at what has become a much-anticipated annual appearance at the Downtown WS Partnership’s Summer Music on Trade event. Lots of beautiful people rocked out, danced, walked their dogs, imbibed various beverages of choice, shopped, and inhaled the refreshing breeze of picture-perfect weather.


Ventured out Wednesday eve to hear the GBs perform at the District Bar & Grille, located between the 700 blocks of Trade and Liberty Streets.  60s oldie-goldie British rock ‘n’ roll at its finest.  With a 40th high school reunion coming up next month, waxing nostalgic is inevitable, I guess. Hadn’t been to the District before, but it was time to check it out.  The band was set up outdoors on an upstairs landing against a backdrop of the downtown Winston-Salem skyline by night. Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, Stones, Kinks…. The GBs:  Chuck Dale Smith (center), Fred Benton (right), with Henry Continue reading

And the Bands Play On….

Summer on Trade continues to draw awesome crowds every Saturday night.  Different band each week, different kind of crowd.  But always one thing in common:  People get up and dance.  West End Mambo, a well established local band that plays energetic Latin rhythms, packed the 6th & Trade dance “floor” this past Saturday with people doing all kinds of variations of Latin dance, salsa, rumba, samba, merengue, cha-cha, mambo-sambo-rambo, cha-cha-cha-choo-choo, tango-mango…… I was at my usual station, painting hats at a table in front of my shop (Willy Nilly) when a woman stopped and remarked that she’d never seen such Continue reading

Hot Rods

Trade Street is the Arts District’s equivalent to Main Street, and the intersection of 6th & Trade is its hub, its Grand Central Station, its Agora. On Saturday, despite the 100-degree heat, Trade Street became a huge exhibition hall, a gallery of shiny,  gleeming metal sculpture. I’ve never been a car person. But I can enjoy looking at these machines as works of art and design, jazzing up the Arts District with all kinds of odd shapes and colors.  Bold color, sleek line, gleeming chrome. Then there are the country-bumpkin types, chunky little pick-up trucks with varying shades of rust, Continue reading

Trade Street Rocks!

Temperature last Saturday topped 100 degrees. There were reports that a number of outdoor activities in town that had been cancelled due to the excessive heat. But on Trade Street, the show had to go on!! Martha Bassett and her band were real troupers, rewarding their stalwart fans with a stellar performance. I had been somewhat hot and bothered when I pulled up the Trade Street Tracker that afternoon, intending to add an update, only to find that the background photo had disappeared!! All there was in the background were a bunch of white minus signs against a black background. Continue reading


“There’ll be music, sweet music….for dancin’  in the streets!” It’s here!  Summer on Trade, an annual, summer-long, FREE event presented by the Downtown W-S Partnership, which happens on Saturday evenings, 7-10pm.The 500 and 600 blocks of Trade Street are blocked off, along with 6th Street on either side of Trade.  The stage and sound system are constructed in the intersection.  6th Street and adjacent areas of Trade Street that surround the stage are transformed into an amphitheater of sorts as people filter in and set up their chairs for an evening concert by some of the area’s finest musicians. And Continue reading

May Day

April Showers bring May Flowers, or so they say.  Only this time around, we got May flowers in April after a warm March, only to get more winter cold in late April.  And now the weather gods are going to have us spring ahead into summer already.  But who’s complaining? It looks to be picture-perfect weather for spectacular weekend in the Arts District. A warm evening for First Friday Gallery Hop means I can resurrect my outdoor painting station and start cranking out hats again.  I love to paint outside when the weather is nice. It’s a refreshing change of Continue reading

About this Blog

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Trade Street was a run-down, seedy part of downtown Winston-Salem. It was a place you didn’t visit, day or night. In recent years the area has undergone a dramatic transformation into a vibrant community of restaurants, residences, shops, studios, galleries and a few service-oriented businesses. However, there are many long-time residents of Winston-Salem and suburbs that seem to be totally unaware of the changes. As recently as last month, an out-of-town visitor to my shop said that her host told her “oh, no, we don’t go downtown” to shop or dine Continue reading