Ventured out Wednesday eve to hear the GBs perform at the District Bar & Grille, located between the 700 blocks of Trade and Liberty Streets.  60s oldie-goldie British rock ‘n’ roll at its finest.  With a 40th high school reunion coming up next month, waxing nostalgic is inevitable, I guess.

Hadn’t been to the District before, but it was time to check it out.  The band was set up outdoors on an upstairs landing against a backdrop of the downtown Winston-Salem skyline by night. Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, Stones, Kinks….

The GBs:  Chuck Dale Smith (center), Fred Benton (right), with Henry (?) on the left and a drummer back there somewhere.

Somebody just posted a photo of some of Fred Benton, Chuck Dale Smith & bandmates from “back in the day…..”

Worth noting are the bright-white ice-cream-man suits that came from none other than Miller’s Variety Store.  Well, Miller’s happens to still be in business (80+ years and counting), and they have this HUMONGOUS basement full of vintage clothing and all kinds of other tacky stuff.  They could very well still have some of these suits, you know……

When Fred mentioned having burned his white duds along with his powder-blue tux, I just had to resurrect a photo of Prom Date JeffYoursElf, all decked out in a powder-blue suit from Miller’s basement….

So, what in dad-gum-tarnation is JeffYoursElf? Gotta save that one for another post some day. I’ll need to confirm that Jeff Broughton is safely out of town first because I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to live much longer after telling the tale….

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