Xmas Eve-Eve

12/21 has now passedEarth lived through the blastOf apocalypse scaresThat gave us nightmares.Now, get off your bumThe time is now come;No more time to delay–Must go shopping today. The malls are chaotic,Trade Street is hypnotic;By night or by dayAway from the fray.You pledged to shop smallNow give it your all;Show the world that you’re smart–Buy some wonderful art.Get some holiday cheer–Go have a beer Or a glass of wineBefore you dine.Gifts to buy still,Shopping bags must you fill,With jewelry and blingand that pretty glass thing.A handwoven shawlscented soaps that enthrall,Color-glazed potsand wooden what-nots.A framed photograph,A ceramic carafe,A tie-dyed dress,Yogawear to Continue reading

Attn SPORTS FANS in the Arts District!

Hey Sports Fans–or should I say “Fanatics” ? I know there are a few of you out there!  Just published are these wonderful, interactive storybooks for kids. It’s the perfect holiday gift for young kids whom you want to bring up rooting for the right team, at least the one that won’t result in a family feud…..Grandparents will want to keep one around for when the grandkids come to visit, and you won’t find these on an e-reader.  Apologies to Duke and Wake fans; yours haven’t been published yet.  If you’re a UNC Tar Heel fan, there is one for you, Continue reading