Golden Oldies

I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Well, maybe not always.  Three years of piano lessons during one’s formative years do not a musician make. And performing on stage in front of people at recitals caused such a state of stage fright that your hands turned ice-cold and your worst nightmare came true on stage when you forgot the notes and could do nothing else except bang a few random notes on the piano until it finally occurred to you that you could stop and go on to the 2nd piece whose notes you could remember. Then there was Continue reading

30 Days Hath September….

And suddenly September 30th is upon us, which means October’s arrival is imminent.  Wow, how profound. Hey people, my brain is finally starting to function today, following 2 nights of revelry and camaraderie in celebration of the 40th reunion of  the R J Reynolds High School Class of 1972. And while yours truly is not one to over-imbibe, I do experience sleep disruption and strange dreams comprised of a weird mix of totally unrelated people, places and events that leave me a little disoriented for awhile.  Dazed and confused….somebody should write a song…..Someday maybe I’ll compose a post using nothing Continue reading

Saturday July 21st….

…..featured a superb party band called Envision.  They brought in one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen at any of the Summer on Trade music events. Their energetic Motown and funky style had the crowd dancing from the first musical blasts of “Higher Love.”  Their rousing medley of K.C. and the Sunshine Band hit songs had EVERYBODY movin’ and groovin’ !! I’d forgotten how much I loved that stuff back in the day….and still do.  May have to dig out some of the disco compilation CDs that I have stashed away somewhere in the back of the shop. Or Continue reading

Hot Rods

Trade Street is the Arts District’s equivalent to Main Street, and the intersection of 6th & Trade is its hub, its Grand Central Station, its Agora. On Saturday, despite the 100-degree heat, Trade Street became a huge exhibition hall, a gallery of shiny,  gleeming metal sculpture. I’ve never been a car person. But I can enjoy looking at these machines as works of art and design, jazzing up the Arts District with all kinds of odd shapes and colors.  Bold color, sleek line, gleeming chrome. Then there are the country-bumpkin types, chunky little pick-up trucks with varying shades of rust, Continue reading

May Day

April Showers bring May Flowers, or so they say.  Only this time around, we got May flowers in April after a warm March, only to get more winter cold in late April.  And now the weather gods are going to have us spring ahead into summer already.  But who’s complaining? It looks to be picture-perfect weather for spectacular weekend in the Arts District. A warm evening for First Friday Gallery Hop means I can resurrect my outdoor painting station and start cranking out hats again.  I love to paint outside when the weather is nice. It’s a refreshing change of Continue reading

About this Blog

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Trade Street was a run-down, seedy part of downtown Winston-Salem. It was a place you didn’t visit, day or night. In recent years the area has undergone a dramatic transformation into a vibrant community of restaurants, residences, shops, studios, galleries and a few service-oriented businesses. However, there are many long-time residents of Winston-Salem and suburbs that seem to be totally unaware of the changes. As recently as last month, an out-of-town visitor to my shop said that her host told her “oh, no, we don’t go downtown” to shop or dine Continue reading