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Artful Autumn Greetings!

I have recently resigned as the DADA Gallery Hop E-Newsletter Person, a position I’ve held since Feb. 2012. I am shifting my focus to my project, which is clamoring to take a giant leap forward. This website will be undergoing a redesign, and a newsletter is on the short list of tasks to accomplish. is a blog site that I established a couple years ago in order to provide comprehensive information about Trade Street and adjacent streets in the Downtown Arts District. When I had my shop on Trade St., I got really tired of hearing people tell me that “they don’t go downtown” or that Trade St is an unsafe area. Maybe it was 25-30 years ago, BUT NOT ANYMORE!! It is a delightful, relaxed shopping area with beautiful shops and galleries, tree-lined brick walkways, benches, fine restaurants and pubs, plenty of parking, great lighting, friendly bike patrol cops, and events galore.

The site’s purpose is to promote anything and everything happening in and around Trade St, in a non-organizational-specific way. (Huh??) The effort includes events and activities sponsored by DADA, AFAS, DWSP, LGBT, Texas Pete, WS Cycling, Cobblestone Market, BookMarks, Krispy Kreme, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, The Arts Council, Finnigan’s Wake, and/or any other events that require street closings affecting area businesses and residents. The site also provides info on available parking, public safety, and other practical matters that aren’t addressed in detail on other sites. A directory of businesses and artists has been established and will be upgraded very soon into something more functional.

There are a number of other websites providing info on the city, the arts, events, and so on. It is not this site’s intent to compete with any of these. This site is devoted exclusively to the Arts District, for which Trade Street is generally considered to be the “main drag.”

As a native of Winston-Salem, I am constantly amazed at the growth and progress of this City of Arts and Innovation. The transformation of the downtown area in the 10 years since I returned to Winston-Salem is nothing short of phenomenal. As an active member of the Arts District for 10 years, I am proud of what the neighborhood has to offer in the way of shopping, dining, entertainment, education, and interaction with the arts in all its forms. I want to spread the word. Stay tuned. Questions, comments, words of wisdom are always welcome. Send them to

Thanks for reading!

Deborah Willard

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