Xmas Eve-Eve

12/21 has now passed
Earth lived through the blast
Of apocalypse scares
That gave us nightmares.

Now, get off your bum
The time is now come;
No more time to delay–
Must go shopping today.

The malls are chaotic,
Trade Street is hypnotic;
By night or by day
Away from the fray.

You pledged to shop small
Now give it your all;
Show the world that you’re smart–
Buy some wonderful art.

Get some holiday cheer–
Go have a beer
Or a glass of wine
Before you dine.

Gifts to buy still,
Shopping bags must you fill,
With jewelry and bling
and that pretty glass thing.

A handwoven shawl
scented soaps that enthrall,
Color-glazed pots
and wooden what-nots.

A framed photograph,
A ceramic carafe,
A tie-dyed dress,
Yogawear to impress.

Hand painted hats,
Paintings of cats,
Creative cards,
Wrought iron for yards.

Unique gifts galore,
At every gallery and store
Near 6th and Trade
Where it’s all handmade.

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