Happy Easter Monday!

There are 2 places in the world that celebrate Easter Monday: North Carolina and the U.S.Virgin Islands.
Why?? They say that a baseball game between two rival teams is the reason North Carolina made Easter Monday a holiday.  I don’t know why it’s a holiday in the USVI, other than the fact that, if a holiday is celebrated SOMEWHERE in the world, they celebrate it in the USVI too. Both places are home to me.
I was “bahn heah” in North Carolina; was an ex-pat in St.John for 15 years; and  returned a few years ago to my native NC–a happy accident, really. But that’s another story.

As an artist with a retail shop and studio, I generally ignore such things as holidays. There is a trade-off to working for yourself as an artist as opposed to having a “real job.”  If there are people who are potential customers in the neighborhood, you work. Doesn’t matter what the calendar says. You don’t get paid for a holiday.   But I don’t have anybody breathing down my neck either when I clock in 5 minutes late. Little do they know that their obsessive-compulsive, time-clock-watching habit only had the opposite effect on me:
It only increased my stress level to the point that it only took me longer to get over the morning hee-bee-gee-bees (thanks for that one, Dan Trivelpiece!); and invariably, arrive even later than I would have otherwise.

But hey, guess what?  When we work for ourselves, WE don’t have a hissy-fit if I stop to smell the roses along the way, thereby giving me and myself the gift of beauty and peace. Arriving at the shop with a smile inside is an infinitely better way of starting my workday. And it shows. And I even inhaled.

So Who’s on First ????

So maybe there aren’t so many sports fanatics in the Arts District, but I’ll use the baseball analogy anyway since it’s the opening day of Baseball Season. I’ve never been a huge fan of baseball–but my team lost in the earlier rounds of NCAA Basketball Tourney, and I can only chalk it up to March Madness.  Or Spring Fever. Take your choice.

But, like any other Monday in the Arts District, a lot of the shops and galleries are closed.  BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.  A few of us artsy types depend on their own hands and shops for our livelihood. So it matters not that it’s a Monday, or even a Monday holiday in a couple places in the world:  WE’RE OPEN.
And it’s one beautiful day of sunshine and blue sky and flowers–perfect for a stroll down Trade Street for a little shopping. And it’s a good day to treat yourself to a great meal at Finnigan’s on a day when they’ll be perhaps a little less crowded….AND will have the outdoor cafe tables out.

Then shop and drop some $$ at Earthbound Arts; Retro Art Ware; Willy Nilly, all located in the 600 block within steps of each other; or at Lucky Strike Vintage Boutique a little further down, on the corner of 7th and Trade Streets. And maybe check out Studios at 625 where you may well find Mary Bailey Thomas in her “Art Dreams Grow” studio.

And since I got out and walked down the block to take pictures, I also noticed that Paz Boutique and Yoga Gallery are also open! 

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