Neighborhood Meet-and-Greet

Lea Thullbery, manager of Finnigan’s Wake, has extended an invitation to representatives of the various businesses on Trade Street to a get-together on Wednesday, August 7th, at 5:00pm, for free refreshments and dialogue. Finnigan’s has recently assumed more responsibility for street closings for the various events on Trade Street.  They are paying for the permit, the barricades, the off-duty police officers, and liability insurance.  With the growing popularity of our street as a venue for events by outside organizations, Finnigan’s feels it is important that someone here on Trade Street have control of the off-duty police officers, vendors, etc., to insure that our needs are being met and that we have all the information we need in advance of the event, rather than finding out at the last minute.  The other factor is the increased revenue generated through alcohol sales on the street.  The exhibition permit from the city requires that businesses be notified within 14 days in advance of the event. Finnigan’s would like to go beyond that, insuring that the entire Arts District is fully informed and have ample notice of the event being planned.  This meeting will give us all a chance to voice our concerns regarding street-closing events, including communication, expanding footprints, care of our facilities, etc. Standing together as one voice would give us power that we lack individually.

For more info, contact Lea at (cell) 336-918-7981 or (pub) 336-723-0322.

Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub and Kitchen is located at 620 N Trade Street in the Downtown Arts District.

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